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State Spending Search Tips

State Spending Search Tips

State spending search

The State Spending search provides the ability to see more detailed information about spending made by agencies.

  • Select the Time Period you wish to view, and
  • Select the Fiscal Year(s), and
  • Select a Time Increment, and
  • Select a Report Type
  • Select the 'Search' button to begin your search

State spending search results pages

  • Narrow your search results by refining the result by any of the following filters, which are located to the left of the report:
    • Time Increment
    • Agency/Business Unit
    • Fund Type
    • Major Fund
    • Fund
    • Budgetary Program
    • Account
    • Budget Year
  • Easily clear individual selections by deselecting the next to the specific filter.
  • Easily clear any selections by selecting the next to the filter title.
  • Change the Time Period, Fiscal Year or the Report Type above the report and select the 'Search' button to restart the search.

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Sort Columns

  • Descending order: Select any column heading one time and the column will sort in descending order.
  • Ascending order: Select the column heading again and the column will sort in ascending order.