Glossary of Terms

Commodity Contract
A contract for the purchase of standard items, such as office supplies, vehicles, medical supplies, etc., usually awarded on the basis of lowest price.
Community Projects Fund (Member Initiatives)
A contract, commonly referred to as a member initiative, awarded by the Legislature and funded through the Community Projects Fund. Member initiatives may also be classified as Grant Contracts.
Construction Contract
A contract for construction work on buildings, bridges, or highways. This type of contract is usually awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.
Consultant Contract
A contract under which an individual or firm is hired to provide professional knowledge, skills or expertise. The award is usually made based upon an evaluation of both cost and technical expertise. This type of contract covers services such as architecture, engineering, technology consulting, medical services, etc.
Contracts Not Subject to OSC Pre-Audit (includes some member initiatives)
A contract where the amount of the contract is below the threshold that requires approval by the Office of the State Comptroller. The Office of the State Comptroller does not approve these contracts nor does it retain copies of the contracts. Some member initiatives are included in both the contract type "Small Dollar Contracts" and the contract type "Community Projects Fund."
Equipment Contract
A contract for the purchase and/or installation of equipment.
Grant Contract
A contract providing money that has been appropriated through the budget process for programs determined to be for the public good. Grant contracts are generally held by not-for-profit organizations or municipalities. Grant contracts may include certain member initiatives.
Intergovernment Contract
An agreement between two or more government entities.
Land Purchase
A contract for the purchase of property by New York State. It includes purchases made under the government's authority to acquire private property for public use (eminent domain).
A contract to lease property for use by a State entity.
Printing Contract
A contract for printing services.
Repayment to State
An agreement outlining a specific payment schedule for the repayment of funds by entities that have been advanced funds by the State.
Revenue-Generating Contract
A contract that generates income for the State, such as concession or franchise agreements.
Service Contract
A contract for the performance of a service. Contracts for technology purchases, which can be regarded as either a good, service, or combination thereof, may be included in this category.