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We provide five Open Book reports to local government data users:

  • Property Tax Cap: A property tax cap enacted in 2011 limits the annual increase in local government and school district property tax levies. Local governments must report to the State Comptroller the data elements used to calculate their real property tax levy limit. The Office of the State Comptroller has not modified or certified data submitted by local governments.
  • Revenues and Expenditures: Local governments submit detailed revenue and expenditure data in the financial reports they're required to file with the State Comptroller's Office.
  • Tax Limit: The maximum amount of real property tax that a local government may levy in any fiscal year.
  • Balance Sheet: The financial statement disclosing the assets, liabilities and equity of a local government or school district.

Report Type

Date Last Updated
City: 11/21/2014
County: 11/21/2014
Fire District: 11/21/2014
School District: 06/30/2014
Town: 11/21/2014
Village: 11/21/2014
Tax Cap: 11/21/2014
Report When selecting Property Tax Cap, Revenues, Expenditures, or Tax Limit, you must also select a Report Type: Trend or Comparison.

When selecting Balance Sheet, Report Type is not required.
Report Type Trend Report - A trend report will give data for one municipality for up to six years. The data that can be selected includes property tax cap, revenues and proceeds of debt, expenditures, and tax limit data.

Comparison Report - A comparison report will give data for four units of local government for one year, including property tax cap, revenues and proceeds of debt, expenditures, and tax limit data.